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Our Expertise in Customs Clearance

We manage the entire customs clearance processes and help you navigate through this perplexing world of complexities.

Expertise and Knowledge

Customs regulations are complex and frequently changing. A slight mistake or oversight could lead to shipment delays, fines, or even confiscation of goods. Therefore, the expertise and knowledge of a good customs broker are invaluable. We can navigate through the complexities of customs laws, ensuring that your goods are cleared promptly and correctly. This level of service may come at a cost, but the peace of mind and the assurance of compliance far outweigh the fees.

We can advise on the complexities of country-of-origin rules for duty free access, licencing and certification requirements for products, transit rules within the EU, customs tariffs, handling of VAT on either and all other aspects expected from an experienced Customs Clearance broker.

Risk Mitigation As Part Of Our Customs Clearance Process

Navigating the intricate web of international trade regulations without professional guidance can expose your business to unnecessary risks. A reliable customs broker like RENSAT can mitigate these risks by ensuring that your business complies with all relevant laws and regulations. The cost of non-compliance can be significantly higher than the service fees of a proficient customs broker.

Personalised Service

Every business has unique needs, and a one-size-fits-all approach to customs clearance may not yield the best results. We are a  service-oriented customs broker who will take the time to understand your business and tailor our services accordingly. Our personalised service can help streamline your supply chain and enhance your competitiveness in the global market.

Import Declarations

Through Inventory and Non-inventory linked RoRo and Sea Ports Import declarations are a vital part of our customs clearance services.

With extensive attention to detail and easily accessible information, we act as an import clearing agent unlike any other.

Export Declarations

Providing export declarations through all UK Ports

A big part of customs clearance services is export declaration. Rensat are a customs clearance broker highly experienced in exports needed for any type of transport needed to move good to ports across the UK.   

EU Transit Document (T1)

T1 document to travel through multiple EU countries

As customs clearance brokers, we understand that you are looking for the most efficient and quickest solutions to customs clearance. Rensat are specialists in the handling of T1 documentation.

ICS / ENS Declaration

Filing your declarations in Import Control System (ICS)

As an export and import UK clearing agent, Rensat understand the challenges that many of our customers face when trying to operate their business on a daily basis.

By handling import, export, ENS/ICS documentation, RENSAT can offer you the freedom to focus on the things in your business that matter.

ATA Carnet

Temporary admission and export of certain goods

An ATA Carnet allows you to export samples and goods temporarily for exhibitions, trade fairs, and product demonstrations.

With ATA Carnet, you will be allowed to temporarily send goods to any destination abroad within the ATA network. RENSAT will manage the entire process with ease and speed.


Goods and Vehicles Movement Systems

RENSAT will generate a GMR unique reference number assigned to each consignment by HMRC. This is necessary to move your goods-loaded vehicles across the UK-EU borders.

The GMR number is now easy to obtain with RENSAT customs solutions.