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Goods Vehicle Movement Service abbreviated as GVMS is a UK-based IT system to synchronise the vehicle movements across the UK borders. This digital system helps HMRC to work smoothly and efficiently. 

What is the GVMS and Why is it Important?

GVMS is an HMRC-developed software that manages all the shipment records of the trade occurring between the UK-EU border. Due to the separation of the UK from the EU Union, the UK government has introduced this border control system. Every vehicle moving in or out of the UK border for goods trading is under the control of this new system.  

The main Objectives of the Goods Vehicle Movement Service system is to: 

  • Provide the pre-lodged declarations of the goods at the GVMS-linked ports instantly. This information is obtained with the help of the unique GMR of the vehicle. This GMR is for only one-time use. 
  • Inform the users about the clearance status of their goods to be imported or exported. This information is supported by the HMRC system. 
  • Update the HMRC system spontaneously about the declarations of the goods to be imported or exported.

Information Required for GVMS

RENSAT will generate GMR unique reference number assigned to each consignment by HMRC. This is necessary to move your goods-loaded vehicles across the UK-EU borders.  

RENSAT would require the following content: 

  • The crossing direction 
  • The registration numbers of all the vehicles, trailers, and containers in the vehicle
  • All the crossing details and exact movement time (arrival/departure) 
  • Customs declaration numbers, transit declaration numbers, and safety and security declaration references for all the goods and trailers that need them
  • EIDR, ATA, and TIR declaration references

    How RENSAT Can Help?

    We have experts to deal with this new e-customs software. The GMR number is now easy to obtain with Rensat Customs Solutions. Proper Guidance will be provided to you about this system here. Being the CSP badge holder, we assure fast process completion regarding your customs clearance.