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Export Declaration

Organising Your Export Declaration

When you are looking for a service that will provide custom clearance documents for export, then RENSAT is the best choice as we can prepare and implement the export declaration you need for any type of transport you are using to move your goods to any UK port. This service is particularly popular with our clients as navigating the new processes in place for the completion of customs processing can be a challenge if you are not up to date on the requirements.  

We need the following information and documentation to complete an export declaration: 

Once we have been issued with the information and documentation listed, we will begin our work to provide you with the freight clearance support that you need – you can be certain that our custom broker UK service is the best you will find!

Customs Clearance Charges for Export

When it comes to affording a customs broker in the UK, RENSAT’s competitive customs clearance charges mean that you can enjoy the best shipment clearance process without paying more than you need to.

Our service starts at just £25 for standard customs entry and includes the first three lines of tariff headings. Plus, we can provide additional tariff codes for £2.50 each. It’s our dedication to transparent and affordable service that makes us so popular with our clients.

Why you need RENSAT

At RENSAT, we understand the customs clearance process in UK and beyond so that you can not only have faith in our service but feel confident that we can handle all your export needs no matter the type of travel you are using to move your goods. 

With over 50 years of combined experience in freight customs clearance, you can be certain that we will not only know how to process what you need but that our completed customs clearance process will be efficient and cost-effective so that you can put your focus on other areas of your business. Call us today to get started!