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ICS / ENS Declaration

If your company operates a lorry, ship by sea or an aircraft to carry non-European Union (EU) goods into the customs territory of the EU, you will need to provide accurate details in advance of your arrival. That means you need to submit an Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) at the first office of entry into the EU. This Entry Summary Declaration must be filed to the Import Control System (ICS), a system used across the EU.

What is the ICS and Why is it Important?

When you file your ENS to the ICS, the ICS will process your ENS, exchange electronic data between customs administrations, economic operators, and the European Commission, and ensure that import operations which begin in one Member State can be completed in another Member State without the shipper having to resubmit the ENS. Upon entry into the EU, the ENS will undergo a thorough risk assessment by European Union customs officials and any appropriate safety and security data will be passed to the other Member States. 

The importance of the ICS / ENS Declaration lies in its ability to secure important electronic data. Information on the movement of goods for customs purposes provided by the ICS is collected by the Import, Export and Transit Directory (IET) at OLAF (European Commission anti-fraud office).

While the ICS is a relatively new regulation for UK businesses set forth from 1st January2021 as a result of Brexit requirements, a well-established system already exists in the EU.  Since UK is no longer part of the EU customs union, all cargo moving from the UK into the EU is obliged to file declarations in ICS. The Import Control System 2 (ICS2) will gradually replace the ICS and it will allow for the implementation of the new Union Custom Code processes and procedures relating to the entry of goods. 

How RENSAT Can Help

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