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Transit Document (T1 & T2)

Getting Your T1 or T2

Many businesses look for high-quality customs clearance services, especially since the landscape has changed after Brexit. Here at RENSAT, we offer a range of custom clearance types and support our clients to achieve maximum productivity and cost-effective practices when moving goods.
We need the following information and documentation to complete the T1 or T2:
Once we have been issued with the information and documentation listed, we will begin our work to provide you with the freight clearance support that you need – you can be certain that our custom broker UK service is the best you will find!

Cost of T1 and T2

As a leading customs clearance company in the UK, we strive to keep our costs low so that you can enjoy an excellent service that provides a cost-effective solution for your company.   

The price is dependent on the amount of guarantee required.

Working with RENSAT

When you choose to work with us, you can look forward to dealing with a team that has over 50 years of combined senior management experience in customs clearance EU to UK and UK to EU. This means that you can be certain that your UK and EU customs clearance will always be well handled without any costly mistakes or delays.  

Our team is professional and well trained in the new systems that are in place so that you can enjoy feeling confident that we will deliver every time. Stop searching for a ‘customs agent near me’ and contact RENSAT instead – we look forward to providing your T1 documentation.